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What is a Blog?

A blog is very much similar to an informational website as it is published on the World Wide Web. Despite the fact that it holds discrete text, the writing style is diary-style (informal) most of the times. All the information is displayed in a reverse chronological order where the latest post appears at the top. Blogs are updated regularly but the frequency of posts vary from person to person. Some people like to update their blog on a daily basis while others make a post per month.

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Features of a Blog

Although we have blogs on literally every topic in the world, some of the features are common in all of them. The most important among them are Archives and Comments. 


The home page of any blog has a certain capacity and it cannot display more posts than that. This is where the role of an archive creeps in. It is present in all kinds of blogs because none of the bloggers want their precious posts to be removed after sometime. Drag down the bottom of the front page and you can stumble to some other posts from your favorite blogger. 


For any writer, feedback from the readers is simply a blessing. It not only pleases him/her from within but also helps him/her in improving their skills. The same rule is true for online writers (bloggers) as they crave for response from the people who visit their blogs. Comments are found at the end of every blog post where you can interact with the author as well as the other guest readers. People from different parts of the world share their opinions through these comments and it helps them to know more about the world.

Importance of a Blog to a Business

Blogging is an extremely important part of your online marketing strategy. It serves a majority of purposes ranging from attracting more visitors to developing ideal relationships with your customers. 

More Traffic to your Website

Blogs allow you to interact directly with your potential customers and the creation of relevant content can surely increase the inflow of viewers. The more people you attract, the more chances you have to prosper in your respective business. You can utilize this tool as the foundation of your online marketing including social media forums. You can also use Inbound Links to drive audience towards specific sections of your website in order to boost your sales.

Improve the SEO of your Website

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of a website is critical in today’s world where abundant data is available relevant to every field of life. Blogs can prove extremely helpful in this regard as indicated by the ‘Google’s Love for Content’. It states that the most popular search engine of the world focuses intently on the content of a website and the frequency of these posts. The changes they made in their algorithm will surely increase the SEO of a website if relevant posts are added on their blog regularly. Hence, choose your words wisely and your chances of engaging more visitors will increase many times.

Improve the Relationships with your Customers

For any business, consumer-provider relationship is the most important thing as all the dealings are based on a certain level of trust that both the parties show towards each other. Blogs offer a remarkable avenue for you to connect with your customers as you can brand your products or services from anywhere you want. It is human psychology that we feel more comfortable when we are being informed and who is better than you to explain your product to them. Blogs allow you to stay in constant touch with your customers as you can interact with them through the comments on your blogs. 

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