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E – Commerce

We here at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC help our clients achieve their full potential. We guide our customers to take a step that is best for their business. We develop their website according to their business requirements. We make sure that each of the company we deal with gets a unique and exceptional website designed by our team of experts present in Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC. To accomplish such an extraordinary production we rely on various tools, one of them being e-commerce.

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We try our best to provide our clients with the preeminent service. E-commerce refers to Electronic Commerce. In other words, it means that we also deliver a service that deals with online commercial transactions. To keep up with this fast pacing world, the internet has taken over our dealings, business or personal. Each part of our day involves some kind of electronic based activities.From looking at the time to bank account transactions, all are electronically handled. The constant race of keeping up with technology may be one of the reasons why the use of e-commerce elevated. 

Our e-commerce service at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC has definitely helped the majority of our customers. E-commerce, in summary, is a way to transfer information across the internet. It allows firms to establish their market position. Additionally, it is a great way to exchange goods, products, and services electronically. This concept in the past has facilitated a lot of companies and businesses that require such a trade facility. One example of a company that built themselves up with the help of e-commerce is Amazon. Amazon is majorly an e-commerce based business. It consists of online purchases and shipments to the customer. Individuals who are as independent sellers can also gain from our e-commerce service. Our team at Web Design Studio uplift individuals looking to make their autonomous business functional by e-commerce. 

Companies working with client retail sites or music-based websites are one of the few businesses that have previously used our services.  Statistically stating, e-commerce has surfaced in the last five years and is predicted to grow in the upcoming years of business. E-commerce is a classification that is entirely based on kinds of business. The types of businesses in which e-commerce plays an essential role are divided into four categories; business-to-business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and, consumer to business. 

Business to business as obvious from the title is a form of dealing that is held between two companies. Both the industries are either retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer. This type of business usually occurs in the supply chain which in summary refers to companies that either purchase raw material for further processing them into products or a company simply buying a wholesale merchandise to use into their own products. These type of transactions require a professional bond built beforehand between the two parties. Thus, the employees of the brands connect with each other in several ways provided by the internet. In this case, businesses follow a protocol to lay their groundwork by providing a website for other businesses to contact them and to gain knowledge about their products and services. Our team at Web Design Studio help these businesses to interact with each other in order to facilitate them. 

Another type of business transaction that Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC facilitate its clients with is Business to consumer transactions. Such dealings refer to the companies that directly deal with the consumers. Nowadays brands communicate directly with the end users of their products; this gives them a better idea for their needs. These brands are mostly retailers companies reaching out to their consumers. To do so they need to maintain good relations with their clients as they can have an emotional response to marketing tactics. Thus, online marketing is done in such a way that the product of the company assures value and quality. Using E-commerce our team at Web Design Studio help the businesses to deal remarkably with their clients. 

Consumer to consumer e-commerce refers to individuals selling goods to another consumer online. This type of business is quite common nowadays. Usually, this transaction proceeds with the help of a third party. Our e-commerce here at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC help our individual consumers to develop a relationship with the buying consumer eliminating the intermediary and providing them the greater value of the product. Consumer to business represents a consumer selling its service or goods to a company. This is usually when a company hires an individual to perform services like creating a website, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Our team at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC helps in all types of businesses. We keep in mind the outcome required of us. We deal with each type of business differently to assure our best service.