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There are many different definitions of design but one thing that is common in all of them is the fact that it involves collection of ideas. Once you have a pool of creative ideas, you can arrange and implement them according to your own aesthetics and requirements. In this highly competitive world, no one can deny the importance of a good design as it can help you to captivate your audience, instantly. This rule is true for all fields of life including web designing.

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What is Web Designing?

The term ‘Web Designing’ refers to a process of presenting the content to the viewers in form of electronic web pages. The users can browse them at all times which helps you to convey your message to maximum people and at their comfort. The emergence of technology and digitalization of the world has made things extremely competitive and only the best can survive. In these circumstances, the role of web designing becomes even more important as you can earn a customer right away through the feel of your online forum. There are some important visual elements of a web design which determine the ultimate outcome of the designing process. Some of them are:


Graphics are extremely important for the enhancement of a web design. Common examples of graphics include icons, logos, photos, and pop-ups. They add to the overall feel and look of the website which helps in attracting viewers. Similarly, they are quite useful in fulfilling usability goals because you can offer visual guidance to a viewer through them. Having said that, they must be used appropriately as poor usage of graphics can also confuse the viewer while he/she is navigating through the website. Likewise, adding too much graphics are also detrimental for the cause. 

Colors and Fonts

The choice of colors is extremely vital for developing an efficient web design. The colors of a website reflect the person or the organization it represents so reasonable insight must be put into this decision. A web designer needs to consider a variety of factors, like the purpose, before deciding the colors he wants to use. Similarly, the type of clientage also has a role to play in this. In addition to colors, the use of various fonts is also quite useful in enhancing the beauty and feel of a website. Having said that, the developer must select from the ‘Web-Safe Fonts’ because they are supported by most of the browsers. 


The arrangement of everything (graphics, text, images, etc.) on the website falls under the category of Layout. One of the key goals of a user-friendly website is to help the viewer to find the desired information at a glance. This requires balance and consistency which is immensely important for designing a good website.

Important Features of a User-friendly Web Design

The purpose behind the designing of a website must be kept in mind at all times. The ultimate goal of any website is to facilitate users and help them navigate through different web pages, easily. For this reason, the following features of user-friendliness must be fulfilled.  


Interaction is one of the most important things for a website as you don’t want the viewer to lose his interest in your online forum. Keep him involved and he is more likely to give you some business. All the visitors to your website are potential customers and you can convince them through different interactive options like opinion polls and comment boxes.


Navigation is probably the most critical part of a web design. You will never want your potential customer to lose his way and press the ‘Close’ button. Therefore, design all the menus and navigation tools in a professional way. Make use of all the conventions to guide your viewer along the way till he becomes a customer. 

Compatible with Most Browsers

Irrespective of the type of business you are associated with, you want to spread the word as much as you possibly can. For this reason, you must design your website in a way that it performs well on different browsers and operating systems. 

Why Web Design Surrey?

Web Design offers customized, professional web designs to cater all your varying needs. We operate in different parts of British Columbia including Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, Maple Ridge, Richmond, and Delta. Our professional team of experienced experts have harnessed their skills through hard work and determination. We strive to offer the best service to our valued customers all the time and that’s why we offer multiple approaches towards a professional web design. We provide one-on-one web designer who can build a website for you from scratch by negotiating all your requirements. On the other hand, you can customize a latest web template according to your needs. 

Customer Satisfaction is a key aspect of any business and we acknowledge that completely. We agree that a good web design can boost sales tremendously and for this reason we strive to deliver the best every time. All the people of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Whiterock, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and New Westminster who are looking for a web designer can contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to oblige. Visit us today to discuss your business model with us and we will try to propose the most influential ideas to you.