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Responsive Design

The world of technology is getting immense as the day goes by. The internet started as a service provided to us on our desktops, but it grew rapidly through the years. From desktops, it transferred onto laptops and before you know it, it got into the things we hold in our hands now. Cellphones have been representing a crucial part of our daily routine for years now. This service is now a complete package as it provide many conveniences we use in our lives. We have cycled towards progress to an extent that we want our mobile devices to have everything in them.

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In this fast pacing life, we tend to rely on mobile devices, as they are easier to carry around and incredibly efficient. From paying bills to using a calculator, we depend on this gift of technology. Therefore, we expect that we are provided with the same service for our mobile devices as we use on our laptops or desktops. Thus, apps for email, banking, watching videos, etc. started to develop on mobile phones. Making the same apps and websites appear on different screen sizes and devices is not as easy as it sounds but here at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC we provide such a service. 

Our clients come from various sorts of businesses thus they require designs suitable for dissimilar kinds of devices. Our team at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC provide clients with the service of developing responsive designs. These sort of designs are crucial in order to access the same websites on several types of electronic devices. Our clients opt for such designs to widen their marketing opportunity. Additionally, Responsive Designs are helpful to our clients for making an exceptional first impression. 

Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC has provided this design strategy as our team wanted to cater to people using all kinds of devices whether it is a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phones. To accommodate diverse electronic devices this design has a different regime. Responsive Design comprises three principles, which are implemented in order for it to work properly. These are termed fluid grids, media queries, and flexible image & media.

This ofcourse requires an understanding of this process and our team at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC is well equipped with its knowledge. Firstly, cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to position the context that is being dealt with. Rather than allotting sizes on the screen, this method uses a different approach. Fluid grids are based on dividing the grid into percentages rather than the pixel division approach. The pixel-based design is not used, a pixel in one device could be six pixels on another device. By allocating a percentage of area for text size, margins, and widths, it gets easier to be controlled on all devices. 

The second step would be breakpoints also known as media queries. This feature helps the device to recognize the size of the web browser being used to fit the window properly on the display size. This feature is automatically implemented on the device but can also be manually controlled. Maximum height and width, device height, orientation, aspect ratio, etc. can be controlled through this feature.  Lastly, flexible images and media enable you to adapt images, videos and other media to load differently. The media is scaled according to the size of the window. This feature is assisted by CSS in order to flow properly. 

Responsive Design is also considered as flexible, elastic or liquid design because of its ability to stretch or shrink according to the vessel provided to it. We here at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC make sure that our client’s companies relish the full potential of the websites designed by us. Using this method, our client’s companies can gain exceptional change. This would allow more mobile traffic to flow onto their way. In summary, it has been recorded that people tend to login in from their mobiles more than their desktops or laptops. Another huge advantage of using this method is that it would help our clients to develop faster mobile development at a lower cost. This is because separate websites would not be developed for different devices. 

Additionally, it would require less maintenance, as responsive design follows the rule of one-size fits all approach. Moreover, the responsive design uses a standardized testing methodology to guarantee optimal layout on every screen. To provide our clients with the ideal service we here at Web Design Studio located in Surrey, BC provide responsive design as it has proven to be a faster and more efficient method. Our clients at Web Design Studio avail many advantages when they opt for the Responsive Design approach. This approach has previously profited many of our clients. This design approach has certainly improved online and offline browsing experience for our consumers.